Sun Shade Sail Installation Guide

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A sun shade sail can be called a huge fabric or textile canopy that is put out or suspended in the outdoor area for shade. It is a smart solution so that everyone can enjoy cool or airy outdoor spaces without having to face the harsh sun rays and its great heat.

Sun shade sails are popular everywhere, especially in Middle East countries as they offer a cheap solution for combating the hot sunny days. When you compare them with awnings, a sun shade sail offers a cost-effective remedy and helps save hundreds of dollars.

You can research all types of outdoor sunshades in Dubai options like a covered porch or awning before zeroing in on a sunshade sail. You will find that a sunshade sail is the best option due to its affordable price rate, flexibility, and ease of installing or dismantling it. The shade sail is very long-lasting and can be used for many years with good maintenance.

Finding the correct type of sunshade sail is crucial. You can then turn your attention towards the installation guidelines

  • Firstly, you need to measure the equal distance between 3 or more mounting points and minus 1 foot to 1.5 feet on both sides.
  • The tools you may need include a screwdriver, cable ropes, ladder, and corresponding hardware kit.
  • You should plan your mounting spots for a pergola, fencepost, sundeck, tree, pole, or house (whichever you are building).
  • Consider how the shade sail will keep moving all through the day and attach some sort of pad eye bolts to every piece of mounting.
  • You need to use the turnbuckles and hooks to fix the shade, while a triangle shade must have a minimum of one turnbuckle on the edge
  • A square or rectangle shade snail must have a minimum of two turnbuckles on similar edges
  • After you attach the sun shade sail to all the mounting points, you must also adjust the shade sail so that there is enough tension all through the sail
  • A taut sun shade sail has a good appearance, prevents drooping, and also gives good performance by offering uniform shade
  • If you are not getting good tension, you can use some fixing accessories such as adding more snap hooks rather than the turnbuckles (this will pull the shades tightly in the corner areas.
  • However, you have to take care not to set the shade sail too tightly, the fabric may be compromised and you may have to use lots of turnbuckles to loosen the fabric tension.

Choosing Between an Awning Shade or a Shade Sail

A shade sail is a perfect textile sun protection device, designed to make the outdoor area pleasant. It is based on a ship’s sail basic (textile) technology. It is different from awning shades. Shade sail designers or makers use a tensioned flexible fabric or membrane fixed between numerous anchor points set on a roof or pole.

Most awnings are retractable and differ from shade sails as they are fixed. An awning is also a covering that can be made of metal or fabric to provide extra shade and even space in commercial places or residential properties. It is always advisable to choose a good and suitable outdoor covering depending on its usage (personal or commercial use). Deciding between a shade sail and a retractable awning cannot be an easy choice, but, for the fact that a shade sail is the most economical option out of the two.

Waterproof or Water-Resistant Sun Shade Sails

A waterproof shade sail can keep your outdoor area very dry and clean. You may even include furniture or decor pieces as they won’t be damaged by water. It is just like a porch setting wherein you can sit for hours enjoying the rain without actually getting soaked.

You may need to get sturdy and tough sail and anchor points so that they can bear the weight of water without straining or tearing away. Waterproof shade sails can be costlier than normal shade sails. Waterproof shade can be small in size and is created out of a different fabric and then coated with water-resistant components. Some shade sails do have partial waterproof areas. However, a fully waterproof shade can tend to trap the heat that cannot escape through thick waterproof materials.

Whether you are buying normal sunshade sails or waterproof ones, you will get a hardware kit along with the package. If it is not included, you may need to buy one. A shade kit will have all the necessary hardware materials you require to install the sail and fix the anchor points.


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