Aluminum Pergolas

Aluminum Pergola

Aluminum pergola is just what you need to protect you from the scorching heat of sun. We offer all kinds of aluminum pergola for commercial and residential spaces across Dubai UAE. Unlike other aluminum pergola suppliers our pergolas are made with brilliant quality using innovative machineries.

If you’re seeking for an aluminum pergola in Dubai or across UAE then do contact us. Residents of Dubai UAE seek aluminum pergola because Aluminum pergola is a maintenance-free product, which has a maneuverable roof that can be opened and closed. Such structure not only protects from the sun but also is completely waterproof when louvers are in closed position. Our pergola is expertly designed by skilled architects and structural engineers taking into account a variety of factors including an aesthetically pleasing model, structural stability due to strong winds, shading factors, and many more to ensure that clients receive the unmatched aluminum products and services and that it can remain there for years without any issues. The aluminum poles beam louvers are coated with high-quality powder coating available in both normal powder coating and wooden finish.

Advantages of Aluminum Pergola

An aluminum pergola with a strong metal frame may provide the stability of a wooden structure with a simple elegance and full accessory customization. Your aluminum pergola will be guaranteed to survive through a lifetime of both rain and shine because it is also durable and practically maintenance-free. A pergola made of aluminum is what you should choose if you desire high quality.

In compared to vinyl pergolas, which are almost usually stark white, aluminum also offers a little larger range of colors. Your aluminum pergola could be customized with textured coating options to match your house or other outdoor buildings. The paint on aluminum pergolas will always be intact because they are powder coated. An aluminum pergola’s sleek appearance has a decidedly contemporary appeal.

Compared to a normal wood pergola, vinyl and aluminum pergolas are both likely to be more expensive, but the price difference between the two truly depends on the type, dimension, and design of the pergola you have chosen. The pergolas are simpler to assemble and install on terraces and rooftops where load-bearing is a problem because aluminum is stronger and lighter than wood.

An additional outdoor living space can be created with an aluminum pergola. Are you seeking for a warm location to unwind with friends and family, a safe area for the kids to play, or a comfortable spot to unwind in any weather? These contemporary pergolas are made to fit your needs so you may unwind blissfully year after year.
Regardless of whether they are freestanding or affixed to the exterior, all of our pergolas are built on an aluminum frame. You may completely customize your pergola to meet your needs thanks to the various alternatives. 

Why you should have an Aluminum Pergola

An aluminum pergola can be used to expand your outdoor living area. Are you looking for a cozy place to relax with friends and family, a secure place for the kids to play, or a relaxing space whatever the weather? These modern pergolas are created to your specifications so that you can relax delightfully year after year.

All of our pergolas are constructed on an aluminum frame, regardless of whether they are freestanding or attached to the exterior. Thanks to the different options, you can entirely tailor your pergola to suit your needs.

The matching side elements let you add the finishing touch to your modern aluminum pergola. Would you prefer stylish panels with louvers, or a glass sliding wall? Our side elements add a unique touch to your pergola, provide extra privacy and protect you from whatever the weather throws.

You can find literally everything in our wide range of options for adding a cozy touch to your pergola. You can choose atmospheric LED lighting, a high-end audio installation or an integrated heating system and enjoy your canopy with all your senses!

What is an Aluminum Pergola

An aluminum pergola is a terrace shelter with a metal framework. The cover, which protects from the sun and/or the rain, can be of fabric, glass, polycarbonate or aluminum. These structures may be freestanding or partially supported by a house or other building adjacent to the terrace. They are found at private dwellings or sheltering restaurant, hotel or other public terraces.

Aluminum is widely used for exterior structural components. It is light, yet sturdy, resists corrosion and requires little maintenance. It is also easy to work and can be recycled.

How to choose Aluminum Pergola

Choice will depend on the size of the area to be sheltered, intended use and cover type. Micro-perforated fabric is a good choice when only shade is required. A solid, transparent cover (e.g., polycarbonate) offers shelter from the rain, but also allows the sun illuminate the terrace. The cover may be removable or retractable. It can also consist of adjustable slats for greater flexibility.

Aluminum pergolas are the perfect fit for your outdoor space with enormous landscaping around. Aluminum being a lightweight material, it can be easily installed in your backyard and doesn’t require any extra maintenance too. PERGOLA is one of the finest pergola developers in Dubai providing high-end aluminum pergolas in custom-made designs.

Aluminum pergola designers in Dubai

Qala sunshade & tents  one of the finest aluminum pergola supplier in Dubai can create an extraordinary living space outdoors. Whether you are looking for a welcoming lounge for your friends and family to relax in, a nestled playroom for the kids, or just a cozy place to relax for no reason, custom aluminum pergolas are made to be adapted to your lifestyle. We let ourselves enjoy blissful relaxation, year after year.

All of our aluminum pergolas are crafted with a strong aluminum frame, whether they are freestanding or wall mounted. The countless options we can create for you to make a fully customized pergola to your needs. You can have options including standard rafter, louvre style rafters, CNC cut design, retractable roof, LED lighting explore our options!

Custom Aluminum Pergola supplier in Dubai

Qala  team offers you side elements that let you add the finest touch to your aluminum pergola. Do you wish for stylish panels with louvres, a fix screen, or a glass sliding wall? You get to add a unique touch to your pergola, have additional privacy and protect yourself when the weather is throwing out.

The reason why we are of the finest custom aluminum pergola supplier in Dubai is you get a wide range of options for your pergola.

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Aluminum pergolas are magnificent products that come in a variety of designs, styles, and shades. Just like our traditional and modern pergolas, aluminum pergolas are weather and fire-resistant, with no cracking, warping, splitting, or damage from termites for years to come.