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Turning your undeveloped and undeveloped land into a luxurious camping location in Dubai could be challenging. However, excellent accommodation is worthless if there is no identifiable identity or competent administration.

Creating a camping resort with numerous vendors, options, and research is time-consuming, problematic, and expensive. Therefore, the Qala Sunshade was established in the Dubai, UAE to provide a high-quality standard throughout all development phases. As a result, we can provide you with a total business solution for establishing successful luxury camping destinations.

Why Choose Qala Sunshade?

We should be your perfect choice for suppliers and manufacturers of sun shade, awnings, car parking shades, outdoor tensile shades, swimming pool structure & tents in Dubai, UAE. We can help you at every level of growth, saving you time and money as you start the camping business. The innovative camping ideas and tenting options were created to offer the closest possible connection to nature while maintaining the comfort level only a 5-star hotel can provide.

Qala Sunshade created a product line of 45 tent series, 359 single items, and secured dozens of national innovation patents thanks to its superior manufacturing methods and professional engineering staff, which had mastered the fundamental tent technologies and sales.

With our high-quality, secure tent goods and effective, adaptable, and diversified services over the past two decades, we have established a solid reputation with clients worldwide. Over 120 nations and regions have purchased our products, and we have long held the top spot in tent exports. In addition, we serve as sponsors or the exclusive provider of tents for several national and international events.

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Qala Sunshade Is in High Demand for Their Excellent Tent Designs

Every order processed by Qala Sunshade UAE is given the utmost transparency and care. As a result of our ability to offer nearly all products used in the Dubai industry under one roof, customers are automatically given the freedom to select the ideal product.

The most positive experience for our customers is what we, as suppliers and manufacturers aim to provide. Our sales team members are skilled professionals who support the company’s philosophy of giving customers the best possible purchasing experience. As a result, every order is delivered promptly while maintaining the high calibre of the goods and competitive pricing that no other company can match. Feel free to contact us and get a free quote.

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