Employing the most state of the art computer-aided design tools, our team of expert designers are capable of accurately and quickly realizing your design ambitions and goals in industry-standard formats, ensuring rapid transmission of data and prompt electronic transfer of information to our computer-controlled fabrication facility and plotter-cutter machines. Our experienced design team is capable of custom designing one-of-a-kind architectural structures to cater to even the most unusual or challenging of requirements.


Our production space is outfitted with the most cutting-edge technology and complete set of facilities to sew and cut fabric panels to perfection and leverage only high frequency machinery for PTFE and PVC materials. In addition, our workshops are equipped with all the latest equipment, including painting facility, drilling units, roll benders, and welding stations. Strongest seams pertinent to the individual fabric heat sealing radio frequency (RF) sealing are utilized in the fabrication of our tensile shades structures, since high class threads and sewn seams offer the most durable life expectancy in the market. The fabric cutting, sewing, and pattering crews employ the most advanced computer controlled cutting technology, which can provide tight tolerance and load analysis.


We offer shades and tent installation services across the globe. It is not just about the structure – which offers maximum protection, our designs also look aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. Whether you want shades and tent installation in your home, office, in a parking lot, a Masjid, or even a stadium, QALA Sun Shades & Tentwill provide you with diversified options that will help you decide the perfect fit for you. Furthermore, our shades and tents give protection from harmful UV rays and keep our customers safe from sun, and rain.


A well-installed shade, tent, or even a canopy is the best investment you can make. If you do not take the necessary measures to protect it, it will not last for longer time. QALA Sun Shades & Tent provides you the maintenance of shades, tents, canopy, umbrella etc. Proper cleaning, caring, and storing your shades and tent will make them long-lasting and will save your time and money for buying a new one.